How To Maintain A Winning Attitude When the Odds Seem To Be Against You

It's not easy to keep a positive attitude when you're going through hard times.  It's like trying not to breathe too hard when climbing up a mountain.  It just goes against our human tendencies.

And yet, it isn't impossible.  A mindset that's anchored in a deep sense of connectedness to God is the key.  So I've broken down this principle into five achievable steps.  Along with this comes a loving reminder that you do have a choice between being a "victim" and being a "victor" in your circumstances. I hope you will always choose the latter.  :-)

1. Leave the odds to God.
There really is no point stressing over things that are beyond your control.  To a certain extent, yes, there may be a few things you can do, actions you can take towards getting the situation resolved; but beyond that, worrying about it and wallowing in self-pity and resentment aren't really going to contribute anything except to add more stress to an already stressful situation.  Give it to God, and once you do, heed my advice and take your mind off it.  Go get some sleep.  Read a book.  Take a long, warm bath.  Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa.  Breathe.  You have already presented your case to the Most High.  Is there really any point in continuing to dwell on it?

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mark 11:24)

2. Stay in gratitude mode.
This may sound cliche but really, it could have been much worse!  So if you really want to dwell on something, dwell on that.  While you're at it, might as well think about the people who are tirelessly showing you love and support.  Be grateful for them and be grateful for all the other positive happenings in your life, and not let this one setback consume you and destroy your spirit.  Appreciate the fact that you're alive and breathing; and for so long as you're alive and breathing, there's hope that this too shall pass, and things will change for the better.

3. Recognize things for what they are.
What you're going through, along with all other problems and challenges, are all interruptions in life, not a cancellation - so stop with the "Why bother trying?" mentality!  Geez!!!

It's a bump in the road.  But like other bumps in the road, it's there to get us to slow down, sometimes even requiring us to pause for a minute before proceeding again.  Life's interruptions are necessary for a quick assessment of ourselves and the situation.  It's also God's way of re-calibrating and recharging us so we're better equipped for the long journey ahead of us.

4. Take advantage of your free daily subscription.
God's mercies are new every morning.  So even if you think you had been a huge pain in the bootay, you can rest assured that He will still be the same God who will love you unconditionally every single day.  The awesome thing is that with God, there truly is something beautiful to look forward to every morning! 

If you need some prompting, start by reading a few passages from the Bible, or any other book that will comfort your soul, or listening to music that will lift your spirit up, or talking to people who inspire you and/or make you laugh.  At the end of the day, don't forget that there is an unlimited power in prayer!

5. Shine your light.  Relentlessly.  Fiercely.  Unapologetically.
Now that you have done and embraced the first four steps, allow this new mindset to transform you from the inside out.  As you bask in your unshakable joy, try spreading that joy to others as well.  Smile at people more.  Make them wonder what the heck makes you smile despite what you're going through.  Make them think that you either have some sort of superpower, or you're on something! ;-)


Much love,