There Is Power In Knowing That You Are Loved

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves - say rather, loved in spite of ourselves." (Victor Hugo)

Fact: There are 545,000,000 online searches for "Am I loved?" and 164,000,000 searches for "How to be loved".

Why is it important for us to feel loved?  What happens when you have the gentle assurance that you're loved?

A miracle, that's what happens.

Knowing you're loved renews your strength.
It's what makes you get up every morning ready to take on the day's challenges and looking forward to new blessings.

Knowing you're loved makes you resilient.
It's what makes you bounce back from hardship. 

Knowing you're loved makes you feel invincible and fearless.
You won't be afraid of making mistakes because you know you can always try again and there's someone in your life who wouldn't think any less of you.  You won't be afraid to take risks in pursuing your dreams because when you know you matter to someone, that includes all of your dreams and everything else that's important to you.

Knowing you're loved boosts your confidence.
Even at times when you feel you don't measure up to society's standards of value, beauty and competence, when someone thinks you're capable of just about anything you set your mind on, you suddenly see yourself through a different lens, until you actually become who you perceive yourself to be.

Knowing you're loved encourages you to be authentic.
It's liberating and empowering to know that you will be accepted and adored no matter what. You can be exactly who you are right this moment while continuing to aspire to become better, and you know someone will patiently stay with you on that journey, cheering you all the way to the finish line.

When you know you're loved, you have no excuse not to love yourself.
You can admit your weaknesses and frustrations, and be comfortable with your flaws without fear of being judged or rejected when you know you're loved unconditionally.  That means all of who you are, dimples, warts and all. 

But the biggest, life-changing miracle of all is this: 
Once you begin to understand how important you are in God's divine plan - that you were created in love and from love and for a specific role that nobody else was designed to play - that realization will most assuredly transform your life!

If you ever have one tiny bit of doubt, please hear me clearly:  

You are deeply and unconditionally loved.  Accept, embrace and live out this truth.


Much love,