Handle With Care

When my grandmother was laying in her deathbed, she called all of her 8 children to say her final words for each one of them, and then each of her grandchildren.

To some of my cousins, I remember her saying things like, "You are your mother's treasure", or "You are the strongest among your siblings", etc.

But when it came to me, this was what she said, "Be careful with your words".

You bet my mother didn't take that so well! I remember that months after my grandmother passed away, my mom was still nagging me about what my grandma said and what she could have meant by it.

"You see? Your grandma knew so well that nothing good ever came out of your mouth!" was what she said (or something to that effect).

For many years, I carried that burden of uncertainty about myself and as much as I wanted to ask my grandma why, she was long gone. I knew that as a kid, I said a lot of stupid, careless things but why were those her last words to me? She could have told me to never give up on my dreams, or to learn to control my temper just like my mom. Why the emphasis on the words I speak?

But now, I understand why she said that, and I'm grateful she said that and left it to me to figure out the meaning.

You see now, people are telling me that they were touched or inspired in some way by what I wrote or said. Total opposite of what my mother said about me decades ago!

In her wisdom, my grandma knew that I have a gift with words, and that...

She knew and felt that God had great plans for me and can use me, but if I'm not careful, my gift can become a curse.

So if someone says something discouraging about your talents or your dreams or your character, listen, analyze, but don't judge yourself all too quickly. Maybe it's just a reminder to be careful about every choice that you make because you're more powerful than you think.

Much love,

Myla SaavedraComment