What Kind Of Seeds Are You Planting?

Image Credit: cargocollective.com

Image Credit: cargocollective.com

I came across this photo by Cargo Collective today and it totally got me inspired.

As human beings (especially with us entrepreneurs), I know we can't help but compare our "farms" to those of other "farmers" sometimes.

Their farms are consistently producing a variety of food and crops... raising grazing livestock... boasting of highly technical machinery such as tractors, hay balers and combines!

Meanwhile we look at our hoe, plough and harrow, and feel somewhat discouraged and demotivated.

"I can never get my farm looking that way", we say to ourselves. "I can't afford those machines and equipment".

What we're often forgetting is what they all started out with.

It all starts from the seed that each of us already has - our skills, talents, experiences, knowledge, wisdom, energy.

How quickly our farms develop will depend on many factors but nothing will happen until we plant those seeds.

The growth of our crops is affected by different factors and environmental conditions. So we do our best to keep them irrigated, digging a trench if we have to, protecting them from harmful pests, animals and diseases, etc.

Beyond that, we shall rely on patience, prayer and the weather.

Soon, harvest time will come. Success will come.

But you see, it all begins with what you have within you from the start.  Everything starts from that seed.  Then whatever you put into it, so shall you get back.  "You reap what you sow," that's the first Law of The Harvest.

First, plant your seeds... put your heart and soul into it... and watch amazing things happen!

Have a B-E-A-U-tiful weekend!!

Much love,

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