Make This Your Biggest Goal For 2017

Yesterday, I urged the ladies in my Facebook Group to make one thing be our collective goal for 2017.  If you have been following my blog, you probably have a good idea what it is.  Would you like to take a guess?

You guessed right!  SELF-LOVE.

I proposed to the ladies that we make it our biggest aim next year to love, nurture, respect, protect and honor ourselves more.

You might wonder why not make the goal money, or success in career and/or business, or a healthier body, or something tangible like a new car or a trip to Paris.  My answer to that is simple: self-love is the pathway to all of those things.

When you learn to love yourself more, abundance and success will naturally follow.  A strong, healthy relationship with yourself enables you to truly embrace your strengths and talents, and therefore it makes you bolder and more confident in seizing opportunities.  

Practicing self-love helps you own your imperfections, to constantly seek to improve yourself, and to establish and enforce your boundaries.  Most importantly, when you love yourself, you're committed to taking care of your well-being - physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally - and to stay away from anything and anyone that does not comply with that objective.  That way, you're more capable of serving and giving to the people you love.  You become more valuable to them.

So, join me in making this commitment to ourselves.  In fact, let's make this a movement for 2017.  Let SELF-LOVE be our biggest goal for 2017, and let's make the best version of ourselves the ONLY VERSION of ourselves.

Are you with me?

Much love,


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