Faith: The Essence of Fearless Living

The other night, I did something really brave that I hadn't done in two decades... I hopped on a friend's motorbike and rode with him on the freeway through the sunset.

No, ladies, you don't understand why this is a brave thing for me... my friend is an experienced driver. That can be translated to a very FAAAASSSSST driver!! And by that I mean to say that if not for the helmet I was wearing, I probably would be sporting a Dwayne Johnson hairstyle right now without the help of a barber!

And I have always been a very careful driver, which doesn't necessarily mean that I drive slow, but that I'd rather err on the side of caution, even if that means it'll get me to my destination longer. Well, in the end, not only was my friend surprised to see that I didn't freak out, but that I actually enjoyed the ride.

How was I able to enjoy the ride then?


1. First, I said a prayer in my head, of course. To skip this part, to me, is sheer foolishness. It is always a must that I ask The Big Guy for protection. I mean, it's free, so why not ask for it, right?
2. As soon as I had given it to Him, I embraced TRUST.  I trusted Him to keep everything around us, including the bike, safe; and I trusted Him to guide my friend; ergo, I trusted my friend.
3. Then I chose to be in the moment and enjoy the experience. I was able to look at the sky and admire the sunset. I even enjoyed the cool breeze against my butt crack (sorry, couldn't be helped, lesson learned. Note to self: if you're ever gonna do this again, you gotta wear a high-rise pair of jeans!)

There is not a lot that can be said about being FEARLESS, actually.  It's really all about LETTING GOD and LETTING GO.  If you know who you're putting your trust and faith in, it's much easier to let go of fear.

I was told by someone who knew my friend a lot better than I do that despite the daredevil-ish speed and fashion that he's accustomed to as a driver, he is in fact very good and that driving is his zone of genius.  He may seem to aspire to defy the law of physics when he drives but that doesn't make him any less of a genius in this domain.

So I felt safe with him; and even as he swished and swooshed his way through the freeway and in between speeding cars, I placed my complete trust in him. From time to time, he would check to see if I'm positioned correctly and he would ask how I was doing.

It's the same mindset I apply when it comes to trusting God as I go through life. No matter how rough or how smooth the journey turns out, I feel Him always making sure I'm okay. Even in the past, He never had a bad record with me. He never failed to keep me safe.  So I keep trusting Him based on His history with me - how well I've known Him, and what He has proven to be capable of doing time and time again.

This FEARLESSNESS is something we all need to practice in our day to day living. It's the only way we will get to enjoy the journey and savor every moment, every experience that comes by.

It's called FAITH.

Much love,

Myla SaavedraComment