Why You Should Want To Have A Breakthrough

I've shared with you a number of times in my blog posts, social media posts and newsletter that I experienced my own breakthrough in January of 2015.  That was when I made the brave decision of walking out of an abusive decade-long marriage.

If you're like me before I had my breakthrough, then right now, you must be feeling:

  • stuck
  • incomplete
  • like there's a huge part of you that's missing
  • like you should be doing something more meaningful with your life, one of which is helping other people 

BUT something seems to be always holding you back or blocking your path!

The barriers come in many different forms:

  • family responsibilities
  • financial limitations
  • self-doubt
  • not knowing exactly what you want
  • what we often regard as "an issue of bad timing" (a.k.a. "Maybe this isn't the right time yet").

Whatever they are, let's just be honest with each other here... these are all excuses. And I say that with so much love. ❤❤❤

I know this because I've been there.  I've gone through that vicious cycle.  That's why we call it "patterns".

Here's a truth bomb for you:  You probably have not taken any serious action towards breaking your old patterns because you're afraid that after you've done all the work, you might find yourself still stuck in the same spot. Right?

Well, I need you to consider that it may not be the fear of staying stuck that's holding you back, but the fear of succeeding and actually breaking through (yeah, that stuff is real!).

You're afraid of it because a real, powerful breakthrough entails CHANGE.  And you're not sure how to handle change when it comes.  You don't know the person you'll become at that point. You don't know her because you haven't seen her before.

That's a scary thought and it can really mess you up mentally.

I get it.  I've been there.  I've felt that fear too.

But here's why you need this breakthrough now more than ever...

Your breakthrough is not just for your personal benefit but also for the benefit of the people whose lives you're destined to touch.

And the people whose lives they're going to touch... 

And so on it goes. 

We're all part of a greater movement, you and I.

God wants to work in you, so He can work through you.

I want you to think about this as you come into the 21-DAY BREAKTHROUGH

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Much love and support,

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