My Story



Growing up without knowing or ever meeting my biological father, and not having a loving relationship with my mother, I’d summarize my life story as being a long, painful search for love, acceptance, approval and validation.

I became a first-time mom at the tender age of nineteen simply because I made choices based on my flawed perception of love, myself, my value and my life.

Four years later, I found myself pregnant yet again from a second relationship which also eventually failed.  

The biggest turning point in my life (which I'd say broke the destructive pattern for me) happened during the final year with my ex-husband of nine years.  

Anybody who’s ever loved or been involved with a narcissist (or someone with narcissistic tendencies) knows all too well that the love story always starts out like a fairy tale, being swept off her feet by Prince Charming.

But it never ends in a “happily ever after”… more like A Nightmare On Elm Street!

I stayed and tried to keep my family intact for as long as I could but no amount of “keeping it together” worked.  And for someone like myself who was already suffering from low self-esteem, constantly questioning her self-worth, seeking validation and love, and then to get involved with a narcissist...  Eventually, you know something's gotta give!

The only accomplishments I could really speak of – and my only saving grace – were my two very beautiful and loving children.

I thought that the relationships I got myself into would lead me to the love and higher purpose that I was desperately searching for. They didn’t. 

I remember being jolted one day out of my depression by a voice in my head that asked me, "Is this exactly how you intend to live out another three months or three years of your life? Is this the kind of life you and your children deserve?"

And I answered, "Hell, no!"

Within just a couple of weeks after having declared that, and “with only $100 in my pocket and a suitcase full of faith”, I walked out of that abusive relationship and into a brand new life of freedom, peace and love.

Armed with this new, empowered mindset, I started putting the scattered pieces of my life back to where I can see my BIG VISION again - and finally embraced my calling to be a mindset coach.  

The journey to getting my life (and my kids’ lives) back on the right track was painfully long and slow and not without roadblocks, but the boost to my morale and outlook on life, and the peace that took over me was almost instantaneous.

That was the breakthrough I was yearning for.  And it all started with the choice to be brave.  I realized that there was no way I was going to embody the woman I envisioned myself to be and stay right where I was.


Thank God for second chances, we don’t have to remain stuck in a rut, nor do we have to let our painful past continue to hold us back from living our purpose.

You can start reclaiming the life you envisioned when you decided to become an entrepreneur.  Look no further either  because the strength and power that you’ll need is inside you all along.

Let’s talk about your dreams for your life and your business.  Let’s talk about what has kept you away from them.  Let’s talk about how I can help you stay focused and fearless so you can keep moving toward making them a reality.

A lot of people expect you to fail.  I want you to fail to meet their expectation.  But most importantly, I want you to start enjoying your brand new life as a successful, confident and fulfilled entrepreneur right NOW!