Myla, you have a beautiful soul. I felt empowered after speaking with you, like you truly resonated with me and my situation. From my experience with you, I wouldn’t change anything. Thank you! I can feel the positive and sincere energy you are sending out. You are amazing!
— STEPHANIE SPENCER | Chef and Entrepreneur

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Myla is very knowledgeable about the mindset topic and she has practical tips and strategies that can be implemented easily. She talked to my community about eating deprivation and gave us tips to conquer deprivation. This video was so popular that we did it twice. She’s so graceful and has a smile on her face which is contagious. Thank you, Myla. Keep shining!
— Denise Loutfi | Certified Health Coach

Myla Saavedra is phenomenal! There are some who learn the skills required to become a transformation coach and some who are born with this gift. Myla is the latter. She has the intuition to see beyond the surface and get down to the root of the issue. She is able to easily take everything you tell her, compile it and give it back to you in a way that it all makes sense. She truly has a natural gift to uplift and empower women. If you are at a point in your life where you feel broken and need change, I would talk to Myla.
— HIRA ZIA | Weight Loss and Health Coach for Busy Moms

I was having a hard time in my market research for the online business I’m trying to build, and I almost wanted to give up. Myla helped me get clear and to find ways to overcome the challenges I was having. She helped me gain a lot of confidence and clarity about my business just by asking me a simple question! I am so grateful for the time, information and love I received from her. Myla gives herself to deliver the best!
— LEONARDA LEDESMA | Zumba Instructor and Entrepreneur

Myla is an amazing soul who has the capability to breathe clarity and heart into your life and your biz. She is an incredibly supportive and heart-centered Coach. When you’re around her (online or in person) you feel at ease, and her confident and empowering nature is contagious. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for an Empowerment/Personal Development Coach!! Love you, Myla!
— LOUISE EDU | Online Marketing Consultant for Mompreneurs

One of the many things I love about Myla is her FAITH in God and how she NEVER hides it. Instead, she teaches other single mamas how to move forward and love themselves because of who they are in Christ! How beautiful is that?! She is definitely a sister in Christ and I’m proud to work with her! Myla has overcome many difficult life situations, yet she’s never let them defeat her! She has used those to STAND UP and help other women move forward in their life! If you’re someone who desires confidence then Myla is your go-to woman. She will help you skyrocket your confidence by working on your mindset and self-esteem - the TWO things standing in your way!
— STACI GUSTIUC | Life Coach, Big Dreams + Big Hearts